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The House of

Manuel Fialho

In 1945 in the Travessa of the Mascarenhas, in a corner of the street of Calvary, Manuel Fialho found the space needed to start his project. A single storey house of uncluttered interior , with jars of wine and bar in wood with galvanized top. Who knew the employee hotel Alentejano, said Manuel was “changing a horse for a donkey”. However with the passage of time, Mr. Fialho has shown that cinched the Alentejo. For more sophisticated cafes that were born, his space was always distinguished by who appreciated fine wines and regional snacks. This coupled with the friendliness of the owner, attracted since always large clientele.

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21 Room Window view [640x480]


By illustrious

When Manuel Fialho, founder of what is today a gastronomic institution, transmitted to his children, Amor, Gabriel and Manuel the art of hospitality, didn't think his restaurant to achieve international notoriety and was elected for distinguished figures as election Restaurant visited by the same as the American actress Jane Russell, the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair among others.

In the year of 2014 , Fernando Henrique Cardoso, ex. President of Brazil, He cited Fialho as best restaurant in Portugal, in Forbes magazine, making name for this institution on the other side of the Atlantic.
Maintaining its classic decor combined with shy modern style, the restaurant Fialho celebrates the year of 2015 his seventieth birthday, and it is with great honor that Amor Fialho and the third generation continue to this temple of local gastronomy.


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